Betofix RM - 25kg

Betofix RM - 25kg
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Versatile repair mortar for repairing concrete in just a few hours.

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25,000 KG

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Range of use

  • Fast concrete repairs in facade areas
  • For repairing superficial damage on concrete, reinforced concrete and light-weight concrete
  • As mineral corrosion protection for reinforcement steel (with Remmers Rust Inhibitor M, Art. No. 0919)
  • As a filling mortar for closing broken out areas without an additional bonding layer!
  • As a filler and felting mortar for closing pipes, pores and uneven areas
  • For patching broken corners and edges
  • For closing spacers, broken out areas and gravel pockets

Property profile
  • Remmers Betofix RM is a factory-mixed, highly modified, fast repair mortar that is ready to use after mixing with water, sets quickly hydraulically and dries quickly.

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