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Funcosil SNL impregnation agent from Remmers

What is Funcosil SNL?

Technical description
Clear, reactive, oligomer siloxanes in low odour solvents for water repelling impregnation of cementitious, porous building materials. Suitable of universal use. Solvent based. Reduces a loss of energy by reducing thermal conductivity.
More than 20 years of long-term proven experience.

In more detail explained
Funcosil SNL is the wondering agent for facade protection and maintenance, concrete repair and preservation. It is used to protect sand-lime brick, natural stone, concrete, bricks and clinkers against wind and weather. After using funcosil, the treated surface stays clean longer and is easier to maintain. Funcosil SNL is particularly suitable for hydrophobing and impregnating mineral substrates and is water-resistant, UV, light-resistant, very durable and fast-proof. If you compare Funcosil SNL with other liquid products, Funcosil SNL is already effective after an operation and can easily be applied. The porosity of the substrate determines the extent to which the active substance penetrates the surface and reacts there to form a polysiloxane. At first you see a white layer, but it disappears completely to 10 to 20 minutes. Funcosil SNL has been developed in such a way that the active substance penetrates completely into the substrate and closes the pores in order to perfectly protect the treated surface against water and absorption of harmful substances and frost, thaw salt damage. The pearl effect is slowly built up at Funcosil SNL and will do even better after a first rain shower.

Why Funcosil SNL?
Water is one of the biggest enemies of the weathering of mineral materials. If water and moisture penetrates into a building material:

Are also harmful substances included!
May frost damage occur due to expansion of frozen water!
Gives you algae and moss growth and other micro-organisms to grow!
The insulating effect drops considerably and heat disappears from the closed room.
Due to a hydrophobic impregnation the capillary water absorption of the façade is reduced to zero in the event of rain or splash water. The hydrophobic treatment is one of the most sensible measures to prevent damage. The treated surface becomes water-repellent thanks to a hydrophobic impregnation. However, porosity and vapor permeability are retained.

Start saving immediately!
Moisture protection is heat insulation
Water is a good heat conductor. This means that if we reduce or lower the moisture content of a building material, the building material will have a better heat-insulating property. Wetting wet, wet walls with Funcosil SNL will reduce the energy bill by improving the insulating effect. A consequence of this is a strong reduction of CO2 emissions. In addition, a Funcosil SNL impregnation ensures that the dew point is shifted and mold formation will also be counteracted or reduced. Making the maintenance of your façade a lot easier.

Benefits of hydrophobing with Funcosil SNL
Saving money: By reducing energy consumption through better insulation

For the environment: Less energy means a reduction of CO2 emissions

For health: By preventing mold

For hydrophobizing impregnation of porous and/or cementitious building materials such as brick and clinker masonry work, fair-faced sand-lime brick masonry work, cementitious renders, fibrated cement, aerated concrete, light-weight concrete and modular concrete blocks, natural stone. Can also be used on surfaces that were already hydrophobized before.

Available in 5, 10 and 30 liter cans. For larger order quantities, we will be pleased to provide you with an attractive offer. Please contact us at


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