Plasticizer / ZM FM (2 kg)

Plastificeerder ZM FM Plasticizer / ZM FM (2 kg) Review plastificeerder fm
Plastificeerder ZM FM Plasticizer / ZM FM (2 kg) Review plastificeerder fm
Plasticizer / ZM FM (2 kg)
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Highly effective plasticizer for concrete, reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete.

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Contents: 2 kg / 1,6 Liter

Property profile
Remmers Plasticizer (ZM FM) can be used for concrete, reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete, high early strength concrete, water impermeable concrete, low-shrink concrete, ready-mixed concrete, fair-faced concrete and concrete with strong resistance to chemical attack in accordance with DIN 4030 and for collection basins. Also for concrete elements that are stripped early and as a plasticizer for mortars.

Remmers Plasticizer (FM) is a highly effective plasticizer with the following special properties:
  • Can be used as a normal plasticizer or as a super plasticizer, depending on the quantity added.
  • Saves water, plasticizing or used in combination.
  • Depending on quantity added, increases early strength up to 50 % after 24 hours while saving water (up to 25 %) and reducing the water-cement ratio.
  • Clearly increases ultimate strength by saving water.
  • Continuous increase in consistence to flow concrete (depending on quantity added) with the same quantity of cement and water.
  • Improves water impermeability of concrete according to DIN 1045 against pressure water and moisture (particularly when 1.0 to 2.2 % by mass of the cement content is added).
  • Improves the surfaces of fairfaced concrete.
  • Reduces labour costs since the concrete can be worked easily, quickly and reliably.

Remmers Plasticizer (FM) is added to the water used for mixing the concrete or added last. The required mixing time after the plasticizer has been added depends on the mixing equipment used but should be at least 1 minute or until a uniform consistence has been achieved. In the case of ready-mixed concrete, the plasticizer can be subsequently added in the mixing vehicle at the building site; in this case the mixing time should be at least 5 minutes.

Application rate
2.0 to 20.0 ml per kg cement or 0.2 to 2.2 % by mass of cement weight.
Highest quantity: 20 ml per kg cement or 2.2 % by mass of cement weight.

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G. van Duijn - 13-12-2019 11:48

Concurrerende prijs, snelle levering en goede informatie over de zending.
Ik kan deze webshop aanbevelen.

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