KSE 300 Stone strengthener (30 liter)

KSE 300 steenversteviger KSE 300 Stone strengthener (30 liter)
KSE 300 steenversteviger KSE 300 Stone strengthener (30 liter)
KSE 300 Stone strengthener (30 liter)
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Funcosil Stone Strengthener 300 Appropriate for strengthening fine to coarse porous, absorbent and cementitious building materials.

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Contents: 30 liter

Range of use
Remmers KSE 300 can be used to strengthen medium pored, absorbent and friable mineral building materials, preferably sandstone. It can also be used to strengthen historical renders and joints. Stone with pronounced swelling and shrinking properties caused by swelling capable clay materials should be pre-treated with Remmers Antihygro (Art. No. 0616) to reduce swelling. The stone should be examined in Remmers' laboratory.

Property Profile
Property profile Remmers KSE 300 reacts with water stored in the pore system or humidity. During this reaction, amorphous and hydrous silicon dioxide (SiO2,aq, "silica gel") is deposited as a binder. The mineral silica gel binder thus replaces the original binder lost through weathering. The speed of the gel deposit reaction is very dependent on temperature and humidity. Under normal conditions (20 °C, 50 % relative humidity), the deposit of binder is concluded after approx. 3 weeks.

In the following, the most important property parameters of Remmers KSE 300 are given: 
  • Gel deposit rate approx. 30 % 
  • Single component system – no errors, easy to use 
  • Neutral catalyst 
  • Great penetration depth, possible all the way down to the sound core of the stone material 
  • No by-products that damage the building 
  • High weathering resistance and UV stability 
  • Partially strengthened natural stone can be worked over with Remmers Restoration Mortar

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