Clean FP (previously Facade cleaner paste) - 5 kg

Clean FP Clean FP (previously Facade cleaner paste) - 5 kg
Clean FP Clean FP (previously Facade cleaner paste) - 5 kg
Clean FP (previously Facade cleaner paste) - 5 kg
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Slightly acidic cleaner in paste form, ready to use, for heavily soiled, cementitious building materials. Its paste form prevents spilling and splashing.

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Contents: 5 kg

Property profile Clean FP
Remmers Clean FP facade cleaner paste is suitable for all facade surfaces made of clinker, brick and natural stone as well as for sculptures. It is not suitable for fair-faced masonry work made of sand-lime brick. It does not dissolve the remains of mortar.

Facade Cleaner Paste is a ready to use, slightly acidic, thixotropic facade cleaner paste for clinker, brick and natural stone surfaces. Since the paste is not highly acidic, there is very little loss of substance. Dark types of stone may become lighter in colour if the paste is left on the stone for a long time. Because of its thixotropic formulation, it can be applied cleanly and efficiently and the material does not run.

Directions Clean FP
Before using, a trial surface should always be set up first on an inconspicuous place. Apply Clean FP cleaner paste to the dry facade to be cleaned with a wide brush or lambskin roller. Allow to act for 2-5 minutes; do not allow to dry. Do not pre-wet the facade surface! Rinse off thoroughly with plenty of water under pressure (high pressure cleaner). When there are deeper lying joints, clean these areas especially thoroughly. Areas with stubborn soiling can be scrubbed with a brush (before rinsing off with water). After rinsing there should be no residue in deeper lying areas.
Working temperature: Between +5 °C and + 30°C.

Application rate Clean FP
Depending on the degree of soiling, at least 0.1 gk/m²

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