Funcosil SNL (5 liter)

Funcosil SNL 5L nw Funcosil SNL 5L Review Funcosil SNL 1 Review Funcosil SNL 2 Review Funcosil SNL 3 Review Funcosil SNL 4 Funcosil SNL (5 liter) Funcosil SNL (5 liter) Funcosil SNL (5 liter)
Funcosil SNL 5L nw Funcosil SNL 5L Review Funcosil SNL 1 Review Funcosil SNL 2 Review Funcosil SNL 3 Review Funcosil SNL 4 Funcosil SNL (5 liter) Funcosil SNL (5 liter) Funcosil SNL (5 liter)
Funcosil SNL (5 liter)
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Funcosil SNL is a clear, reactive, oligomer siloxanes in low odour solvents for water repelling impregnation of cementitious, porous building materials. Suitable for universal use.

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Contents: 5 liter (4-8 m²)

Proven effect Funcosil SNL:  >10 year.

Property profile SNL
  • For hydrophobizing impregnation of porous, cementitious building materials such as brick and clinker masonry work, fair-faced sand-lime brick masonry work, cementitious renders, fibrated cement, aerated concrete, light-weight concrete and modular concrete blocks, natural stone. Can also be used on surfaces already hydrophobized.

Directions for application of Funcosil SNL
The Funcosil SNL is applied under gravity in a flow coating procedure generously enough that a 30-50 cm long film of liquid runs down the building material. The nozzle should be held horizontally and led along the facade without interruption. After the Funcosil SNL has been absorbed, the process is repeated several times. Spraying pressure and nozzle diameter should be selected so that misting does not occur. To avoid missing areas, limited sections should be completely impregnated without interruption. A brush or roller can be used for smaller, complicated surfaces that do not allow a spray application. In this case, the required application rate can only be achieved by working with well saturated tools. Protect the freshly impregnated surface from driving rain for at least 5 hours. Strong wind and sunlight may accelerate evaporation of the carrier which has a negative influence on penetration depth. The surface of less absorbent substrates should be washed off with V 101 Thinner half an hour to an hour after application to remove excess material which could create a gloss. Working temperature: Water repelling impregnation is preferably carried out at temperatures between +10 °C and +25 °C. Sun awnings can be used to prevent surfaces from heating too strongly. At temperatures below 10 °C, evaporation of the carrier and formation of the active ingredient may be considerably delayed.

Application rate Funcosil SNL
Brick masonry work, fine-pored: At least 0.8 l/m²
Brick masonry work, coarse-pored: At least 1.0 l/m²
Sand-lime brick, smooth: At least 0.5 l/m²
Sand-lime brick, cleft, bossed: At least 0.7 l/m²
Render: At least 0.5 l/m²
Aerated concrete: At least 1.0 l/m²
Fibrated cement: At least 0.3 l/m²
Modular concrete blocks: At least 1.2 l/m²

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André - 20-03-2022 13:58

weer snel geleverd, funcosil snl is zeer goed product.

Adler - 05-08-2020 23:07

Lieferung nach 6 Tagen, sehr gut verpackt, leider einige Dellen im Kanister, Preis sehr gut, leider Versandkosten teuer,
Produkt verwende ich schon lange Jahre, ist sehr ergiebig und schützt die Betonflächen sehr lange.

Barkhoff - 20-04-2017 17:47

Sehr schnelle Lieferung, Ware war gut und sicher verpackt, es ist beim Transport keine Flüssigkeit ausgetreten. Das Produkt habe ich bereits mehrmals verwendet. Bei trockener Wand lässt es sich sehr gut im Sprühverfahren aufbringen. Bei stark saugenden weichen Steinen habe ich die Wand 2 bis 3 mal eingesprüht. Die Wirkung hält bei mir nun schon seit 6 Jahren.

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