Funcosil WS (30 liter)

Funcosil WS 30L Funcosil WS (30 liter) Funcosil WS (30 liter)
Funcosil WS 30L Funcosil WS (30 liter) Funcosil WS (30 liter)
Funcosil WS (30 liter)
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Water based, hydrophobizing impregnation agent for porous, cementitious building materials with 10% active ingredient.

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Contents: 30 liter.

Proven effect:  >10 year.

Property profile
Remmers Funcosil SE is used to hydrophobize porous, mineral building materials such as sandlime brick, natural stone, fair-faced brick masonry work, mineral renders, aerated and light-weight concrete. It can also be used to subsequently treat water glass paint coatings.
  • Single component, environment-friendly, water based impregnation agent.
  • Excellent water repellency
  • Pronounced penetration even on damp substrates
  • Alkali stability
  • Dries clear
  • Practically odourless
  • No emission of pollutants
  • Greater job safety
Apply Funcosil SE generously in a low pressure flow coating procedure, using a wide spray nozzle, so that a 30 - 50 cm long film of liquid runs down the surface of the building material. While applying, the nozzle should be led along the facade and the material immediately worked over with a brush. This process is repeated several times. Funcosil SE is to be applied, wet-on-wet, from top to bottom. To avoid missing places, limited sections should be completely impregnated without interruption at a time. For smaller, complicated surfaces that do not allow a spraying procedure, work can be carried out with a brush. The only way to avoid insufficient application rates is to saturate the brush well. Freshly treated surfaces should be protected from driving rain for at least 5 hours. Strong wind and sunlight can accelerate the evaporation of the carrier agent which negatively influences penetration depth. Funcosil WS can also be applied to slightly damp building materials.

Working temperature:
Hydrophobizing impregnation measures can be carried out at temperatures between 10°C and 25°C. Strong heating of the surfaces through sunlight can be avoided by using awnings. At temperatures below 10°C, evaporation of water (carrier agent) can be delayed. The full effectiveness of the impregnation develops 1 - 2 weeks after treatment, depending on weather conditions.

Application rate
  • Sand-lime brick, smooth: at least 0.5 l/m²
  • Sand-lime brick, cleft: at least 0.7 l/m²
  • Brick, fair-faced masonry: at least 0.8 l/m²
  • Brick, coarse-pored: at least 1.5 l/m²
  • Light-weight concrete: at least 1.0 l/m²
  • Natural stone, fine-pored: at least 0.8 l/m²
  • Natural stone, coarse-pored: at least 1.5 l/m²

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Frits Wessels - 19-06-2021 08:58

Snel geleverd, hoop dat funcosil doet wat het belooft

vissers - 21-09-2020 11:24


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