Remmers Funcosil FC cream (0,75 liter)

Remmers Funcosil FC cream (0,75 liter)
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Funcosil FC is a professional impregnation cream on a silane/siloxane base. Due to the extremely high active ingredient content, this product grants a proven effect of over 15 years.

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Contents: 0,75 liter (3,5 - 5 m2)

Proven effect Funcosil FC: >15 year.

Property profile
  • For hydrophobizing impregnation of porous, cementitious building materials such as brick, clinker, sand-lime brick, render, natural stone and fibrated cement. Rain tight: approx. 30 min. after application. Not sensitive to frost. Not suitable for dense building materials such as marble, granite or cleaving tiles.

Funcosil FC is applied by roller (long-haired lambskin roller), brush or airless equipment. Depending on the absorbency of the substrate, application rates of up to 0.2 l/m² can be applied in one working operation even on vertical surfaces and ceilings without a loss of material. Working temperature: Hydrophobizing impregnation is preferably carried out at temperatures between +5 °C and 25 °C. Sun awnings can be used to prevent surfaces from heating too strongly. At temperatures below 10 °C, evaporation of the carrier and formation of the active ingredient may be considerably delayed. Rain tight: At the earliest after 60 minutes or after the cream has been completely absorbed.

Application rate
Depending on porosity approx. 0.15 to 0.20 l/m². Impregnation agent requirements for calculation and tender should be determined on a sufficiently large trial area (1- 2 m²). The effectiveness of the impregnation can also be checked on this surface.

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