Funcosil FC Plus impregnation cream - 40% active ingredient (12,5 liter)

Funcosil FC Plus impregnation cream - 40% active ingredient (12,5 liter)
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Impregnation cream on a silane/siloxane base with additives for intensifying the colour in emul­sion ­form. Professionals' choice for hydrophobizing impregnation of porous, cementitious materials.

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Contents: 12,5 liter (60 - 85m2)

Proven effect: >15 year.

Range of use
  • For hydrophobizing impregnation of porous, cementitious building materials as well as plaster. 
Property profile
Funcosil FC Plus is a special product for hydrophobizing and colour intensifying impregnation of brick, clinker and render. The intensity of colour intensification depends on the type and colour of the substrate to be treated. We recommend setting up a suitable trial area.
  • Characteristics:
  • Reduction of water absorption with simultaneous
  • High diffusion capacity
  • Excellent penetration capacity
  • Optimal resistance against alkalis
  • Strong protective effect against frost/de-icing salt loads
  • Colour intensifying
  • Cream form and can therefore be applied without loss
  • Can be worked over-head
  • Early rain tight (30 minutes)
Funcosil FC Plus is applied by roller (long-haired lambskin roller), brush or airless equipment. Depending on the absorbency of the substrate, application rates of up to 0.3 l/m² can be applied in one working operation even on vertical surfaces and ceilings without a loss of material.

Working temperature: A hydrophobizing impregnation is preferably applied in a temperature range between +5 °C and +25 °C. If the surfaces heat too strongly in sun, this can be prevented by awnings. At temperatures below +10 °C, evaporation of the carrier and formation of the active ingredient may be delayed.

Rain tight: The impregnation is rain tight approx. 30 minutes after application

Application rate
Depending on porosity approx. 0.15 to 0.30 l/m². Impregnation agent requirements for calculation and tendering should be determined on a sufficiently large trial area (1-2 m²). The effectiveness of this impregnation agent can also be determined on the same area.


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Ronald - 03-09-2020 20:29

Snelle levering, goede uitleg en productkennis, top product!

Barry Domhof - 19-08-2019 00:01

zeer snelle levering en prettige communicatie!!

Product nog niet gebruikt.

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