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Funcosil FC from Remmers

Funcosil FC is a certified impregnation cream based on silane/siloxane in emulsion form.

Funcosil FC is produced as a cream which simplifies the application. Thanks to the extremely high active ingredient content of 40%, it has a proven long lasting effect of over 15 years. 

Funcosil FC Plus
Funcosil FC Plus is identical to Funcosil FC but with additives for intensifying the substrate colour added. 
Product properties
  • high active ingredient content of 40%.
  • highly water repelling
  • easy to apply less material needed
  • no running
  • no aerosols
  • can be applied with a roller, brush or by airless spraying
  • can be worked overhead
  • tools are cleaned with water
  • little cover work
  • can be applied in one working operation

Available in plastic buckets of 0,75, 5 and 15 liter.