Funcosil OFS (30 liter)

Funcosil OFS 30L Details
Funcosil OFS 30L Details
Funcosil OFS (30 liter)
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Oil, grease, water and soil repelling, environmentally correct, water based, protective impregnation.

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Contents: 30 liter.

Range of use
  • Used to treat cementitious building materials in floor and wall areas, indoors and outdoors to clearly reduce their tendency to become soiled (oil, grease, traffic film, etc.).
Property profile
Funcosil OFS is a water based, environmentally correct impregnation agent that makes surfaces easier to maintain. After drying the surface repels oils, grease, dirt and water. The effective ingredient reacts in the building material in the presence of moisture, forming a water repelling, UV and weather resistant network: After application, the active ingredient is deposited on the walls of capillaries and pores in the form of a macro-molecular layer which does not noticeably influence water vapour diffusion capacity.

On floor areas, the impregnation agent is to be applied generously. After the impregnation agent has been absorbed, the procedure is repeated 1 – 2 times, wet-on-wet. On wall areas, the impregnation agent is to be applied generously in a flow coating procedure under gravity. After the impregnation agent has been absorbed, the process is repeated several times. Work over the surfaces again with a brush. To avoid missing places, limited sections should be completely impregnated without interruption.

Note: Certain materials may appear to be darker after impregnation. We recommend setting up a trial area. When applying in floor areas, make sure that excess material does not remain of the surface. Remove excess material with a rubber wiper or take up with a nonfraying rag. If the material is not uniformly applied, there are drafts or large differences in the temperature of the surface, the surface may not look uniform. Always use material with the same batch number for continuous surfaces.

Working temperature: Impregnation can be carried out at temperatures between + 5 and + 25° C.

Cleaning and maintenance: As a rule, soiling caused by grease and oil can be easily removed from treated surfaces with clean water or conventional cleaners (free of surface-active agents). Treated surfaces are maintained with warm water to which approx. 1.5-2% Funcosil OFS has been added (one cup of Funcosil OFS to 10 litres of mop water).

Application rate
limestone: approx. 0.2-0.6 l/m²
clinker: approx. 0.2-0.5 l/m²
natural stone: approx. 0.5-1.0 l/m²
concrete: approx. 0.2-0.4 ltr/m2
terracotta: approx. 0.3-0.8 l/m²
The quantities of impregnation agent required for calculation and tendering should be determined on a sufficiently large trial area (1-2 m²). This surface can also be used for testing the effectiveness as well as the resulting appearance of the impregnation.

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