Remmers Garden wood oil Aqua Eco (5 liter), water based

Tuinhoutolie Aqua Tuinhoutolie Remmers
Tuinhoutolie Aqua Tuinhoutolie Remmers
Remmers Garden wood oil Aqua Eco (5 liter), water based
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Innovative, long-term protection for terraces & garden furniture made of wood based on high quality raw materials and linseed oil.

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Contents: 5 liter.

Property profile

Garden Wood Oils are highly suitable for long-term protection of wood used in gardens. The products are especially used for treating wood decks made of teak, bangkirai, larch, Douglas fir, etc. Garden Oil is not suitable for tabebuia and massaranduba. We recommend the use of Maintenance Oil for these species of wood. Please get in touch with Remmers before using on other, exotic species of wood not named here. Other wooden building elements such as garden furniture and wood used on facades can also be protected with Garden Wood Oil.

Through the use of special raw materials, treated wood has a water repelling, diffusion-open surface that reduces the penetration of water. This reduces swelling and shrinking of the wood. Garden Wood Oils are very high yielding and protect the surface from deeper penetration of soil. Garden Wood Oils do not tear or flake. Garden Wood Oils are water based and therefore have no annoying odours.

The oils contain a preservative to protect the resulting film from microbial infestation (mould, algae, etc.). Garden Wood Oils dry quickly and protect wood three times longer than conventional oils (depending on the species of wood, load and application rate).

Apply by brush. The wood must be dry and free of dust, dirt, grease and wax. Wash off wood that is fatty or contains resin such as larch and teak with V 101 Thinner. Completely remove loose and weathered old coatings down to load-bearing wood. Clean weathered, oiled surfaces; sand intact oiled surfaces thoroughly. Prime soft wood as well as all other species of wood sensitive to fungi in outdoor areas with a wood preservative (e.g. Wood Preservative Primer*). Apply two thin layers of undiluted Garden Wood Oil in the direction of the grain using an acrylic brush suitable for water based coatings, taking up or smoothing out excess material (especially in tongues and grooves) immediately. Coat end grain areas generously twice with Garden Wood Oil to protect against the absorption of moisture. Stir well before using, also during work and after pauses. Working temperature 10-25°C. Low temperatures may have a negative effect on hardening / adhesion to the substrate. Check colour and compatibility with the substrate by setting up a trial surface.
The shades of colours are coordinated to the respective species of wood but can also be used on other species without any problem. In this case, the shade of colour will deviate from the shade of colour in the colour card.

Application rate
On hardwood: 1st coat: 60-80 ml/m² 2nd coat: 40-60 ml/m²
On softwood: 1 st coat: 80-100 ml/m² 2 nd coat: 60-80 ml/m²

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