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Kiesol C, the most effective damp proof cream

Kiesol C and Injection cream 80 are proven injection agents to stop rising damp in building materials. Through boreholes the Kiesol C or Injection cream 80 is injected into the mortar joints creating a barrier against rising moist. 

Due to its user friendly as well as extreme effectiveness it is used by both professionals as well as do-it -yourselfers. 

Kiesol C or Injection cream 80 can also be used when the degree of moisture penetration is high. Even up till 95%. It is especially suitable for fair-faced masonry work (brick, natural stone).
Please do not us it for aerated concrete.

Instructions for use
- measure the thickness of the wall
- use a 12mm stone drill bit
- drill holes in an angle between 0 (horizontal) and 30 degrees downwards
- drill 2 cm less deep than the thickness of the wall
- drill the holes at ground level. 
- remove the bore dust
- fill the injection device with Kiesol C and start filling from the deepest part of the hole towards the outside
- when done, close the holes with Remmers WP DS Levell and finish the plastering of the wall. 

Required quantity

Packaging Kiesol C
  • 550 ml plastic tube bags with screw cap
  • 10 l Politainer,
  • 5 l, 12,5 l plastic bucket
Packaging Injection Cream 80:
  • 5 l, 12,5 l plastic bucket
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