MB 2K (previously Multi-Tight 2K) - 8,3 kg

MB-2K Multibaudicht MB 2K (previously Multi-Tight 2K) - 8,3 kg MB 2K (previously Multi-Tight 2K) - 8,3 kg MB 2K (previously Multi-Tight 2K) - 8,3 kg
MB-2K Multibaudicht MB 2K (previously Multi-Tight 2K) - 8,3 kg MB 2K (previously Multi-Tight 2K) - 8,3 kg MB 2K (previously Multi-Tight 2K) - 8,3 kg
MB 2K (previously Multi-Tight 2K) - 8,3 kg
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Multi-Tight 2K is a new, flexible, mineral based waterproofing product which has all the performance properties of older technology polymer-modified thick bitumen emulsions, whilst being “bitumen fr

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Contents:  8,3 kg.

Water impermeability: up to a 10 m water column​.

Range of use MB 2K:
  • For fast waterproofing of building elements, tanks, reservoirs and Basements
  • Against ground damp, non-standing seepage water, in wet rooms, standing seepage water and external water pressure in accordance with DIN 18195
  • Waterproofing in and under walls as a horizontal barrier against rising damp in masonry work
  • Waterproofing the contact area beneath facing masonry and clinker wall positioning Areas
  • Waterproofing in a bond with tiles and slab covers, indoors and outdoors (load class A0/B0)
  • Internal waterproofing according to the WTA Code of Practice 4-6
  • For attaching perimeter insulation Panels
  • Plinth waterproofing when com-bined with plinth render and bonded thermal insulation Systems
  • Render waterproofing
  • Flat roof waterproofing with a low vapour pressure gradient over rooms that are not heated / not inhabited, e.g. garages

Property profile MB 2K:
  • Remmers MB 2K is liquid, polymer thick coating that com-bines the properties of a flexible, mineral waterproofing grout (MWG) and a polymer modified bitumen thick coating (PMBC): Solvent-free
  • Low emissions
  • Bitumen-free
  • Highly flexible and crack-bridging
  • Fast thorough drying and cross-linking after just 18 hours
  • Can be applied as a grout, filler or sprayed
  • High compressive strength
  • Quickly water pressure tight, 1 bar after 18h
  • Rain tight after approx. 2 hours
  • Water pressure tight without a layer of reinforcement
  • Visible control of thorough drying
  • High tensile adhesion strength on mineral substrates and old bitumen
  • Can be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces as well as beneath screeds
  • Can be coated over
  • UV resistant
  • Resistant to de-icing salt
  • Frost and age resistant
  • Can be quickly subjected to foot traffic and covered (≥ 4h)

Directions using MB 2K
Shake the liquid component well before using. The powder component is added to the liquid component. Remove material that adheres to the side of the bucket with a trowel and mix with a suitable mixing tool until homogeneous, lump-free and the proper consistence for application with a brush or filling knife has been achieved. Mixing time is approx. 3 minutes. If required, smaller quantities can also be mixed in a ratio of 1 part by weight liquid to 1.36 parts by weight powder. The mixing ratio should not be changed. The subsequent working operations are executed as described under Applications in a brushing or filling procedure. The maximum total wet layer thickness should not exceed 5 mm. Do not use if the temperature of the air, substrate or building material is below +5 °C or above +30 °C. Relative humidity should not exceed 95%. Do not use in direct sunlight; observe the rules for the application of render according to the position the sun, remaining in the shade (pre-wet surfaces that are strongly heated) or work in the morning or evening hours. The waterproofing is sensitive to rain and frost in the fresh state.

Application rate
1 mm thickness: 2,5 kg per m2
2 mm thickness: 3,7 kg per m2


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H.Kruiper - 31-07-2020 17:33

Prima spul maar niet verwerken met hoge temperatuur.
Tip. Emmer (voordat je het gebruikt) 1 dag in de koelkast zetten.

Nu heb je een een veel langere verwerkings tijd.

H. Kruiper - 27-06-2020 14:25

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