MB 2K (previously Multi-Tight 2K) -25 kg

MB-2K Multibaudicht MB 2K (previously Multi-Tight 2K) -25 kg MB 2K (previously Multi-Tight 2K) -25 kg MB 2K (previously Multi-Tight 2K) -25 kg
MB-2K Multibaudicht MB 2K (previously Multi-Tight 2K) -25 kg MB 2K (previously Multi-Tight 2K) -25 kg MB 2K (previously Multi-Tight 2K) -25 kg
MB 2K (previously Multi-Tight 2K) -25 kg
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Multi-Tight 2K is a new, flexible, mineral based waterproofing product which has all the performance properties of older technology polymer-modified thick bitumen emulsions, whilst being “bitumen fr

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Contents: 25 kg.

Water impermeability: up to a 10 m water column​.

Range of use:
  • For fast waterproofing of building elements, tanks, reservoirs and Basements
  • Against ground damp, non-standing seepage water, in wet rooms, standing seepage water and external water pressure in accordance with DIN 18195
  • Waterproofing in and under walls as a horizontal barrier against rising damp in masonry work
  • Waterproofing the contact area beneath facing masonry and clinker wall positioning Areas
  • Waterproofing in a bond with tiles and slab covers, indoors and outdoors (load class A0/B0
  • ) Internal waterproofing according to the WTA Code of Practice 4-6
  • For attaching perimeter insulation Panels
  • Plinth waterproofing when com-bined with plinth render and bonded thermal insulation Systems
  • Render waterproofing
  • Flat roof waterproofing with a low vapour pressure gradient over rooms that are not heated / not inhabited, e.g. garages

Property profile:
  • Remmers Multi-Tight 2K is liquid, polymer thick coating that com-bines the properties of a flexible, mineral waterproofing grout (MWG) and a polymer modified bitumen thick coating (PMBC): Solvent-free
  • Low emissions
  • Bitumen-free
  • Highly flexible and crack-bridging
  • Fast thorough drying and cross-linking after just 18 hours
  • Can be applied as a grout, filler or sprayed
  • High compressive strength
  • Quickly water pressure tight, 1 bar after 18h
  • Rain tight after approx. 2 hours
  • Water pressure tight without a layer of reinforcement
  • Visible control of thorough drying
  • High tensile adhesion strength on mineral substrates and old bitumen
  • Can be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces as well as beneath screeds
  • Can be coated over
  • UV resistant
  • Resistant to de-icing salt
  • Frost and age resistant
  • Can be quickly subjected to foot traffic and covered (≥ 4h)

Shake the liquid component well before using. The powder component is added to the liquid component. Remove material that adheres to the side of the bucket with a trowel and mix with a suitable mixing tool until homogeneous, lump-free and the proper consistence for application with a brush or filling knife has been achieved. Mixing time is approx. 3 minutes. If required, smaller quantities can also be mixed in a ratio of 1 part by weight liquid to 1.36 parts by weight powder. The mixing ratio should not be changed. The subsequent working operations are executed as described under Applications in a brushing or filling procedure. The maximum total wet layer thickness should not exceed 5 mm. Do not use if the temperature of the air, substrate or building material is below +5 °C or above +30 °C. Relative humidity should not exceed 95%. Do not use in direct sunlight; observe the rules for the application of render according to the position the sun, remaining in the shade (pre-wet surfaces that are strongly heated) or work in the morning or evening hours. The waterproofing is sensitive to rain and frost in the fresh state.

Application rate
1 mm thickness: 2,5 kg per m2
2 mm thickness: 3,7 kg per m2


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